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The Hashmi Group raised $750k in one month for iPost Inc. 

iPost Inc. is a burgeoning email marketing startup dedicated to empowering companies with advanced email marketing solutions. In the past, they secured $135k in funding through The Hashmi Group's extensive network of investors during their Series A round. Additionally, they are currently finalizing a raise of $750k through the same network.


Based in New Delhi, India, The Hashmi Group is rapidly emerging as a leader in financial and business consulting services, catering to clients worldwide. With a robust network of over 15,000 Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists, The Hashmi Group is instrumental in assisting startups globally with fundraising endeavors and facilitating their expansion into new markets.


Founded by Yasir Hashmi, who currently serves as Chairman, The Hashmi Group is driven by a profound belief in the power of entrepreneurship to address global challenges. Mr. Yasir's overarching mission is to support entrepreneurs in realizing their full potential and overcoming obstacles on a global scale.


Mr. Yasir Hashmi advocates for the importance of identifying one's life purpose, emphasizing that it is the key to genuine fulfillment. He underscores the significance of setting clear, purpose-aligned long-term, intermediate, and short-term goals, asserting that collectively, they contribute to a meaningful and fulfilling life.


Beyond his role at The Hashmi Group, Mr. Yasir is a multifaceted individual. He is an accomplished author, with works including "A Brief History of Ancient and Medieval India" and a forthcoming Philosophy Book titled "Be Wise In A Week." Additionally, he is recognized as a Business Strategist, Marketing Expert, Researcher, Angel Investor, and Personal Development Coach. Notably, he also serves as an Ambassador at the Cuenta Conmigo Foundation in Argentina.


Just like iPost Inc., The Hashmi Group is deeply committed to enabling all of its clients to achieve their business objectives.

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