Our Founder

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        Mohammad Yasir Hashmi
                 (Founder & CEO)

Yasir Hashmi is the Founder & CEO at The Hashmi Group, Managing Partner at Hashmi Ventures, CEO at Startuppz and is Chief Strategy Officer at IGI Consultancy, New York City, USA.

Yasir started The Hashmi Group at the age of 15 in his school and later officially launched the business in late 2019 without any external investments or past business experience and now in just two years The Hashmi Group went from scratch to a 8 figure business in India with an extensive global reach. It is also among one of the fastest growing capital introductions businesses in North America.

Yasir believes that every problem on this planet can be solved by entrepreneurs and his life's purpose is to help entrepreneurs to get all the help they need to grow their business to the next level and solve all the problems on this planet. He believes that everyone has a different purpose in their life which gives them real meaning and fulfilment in their lives. According to him a person should be crystal clear on their life's purpose and then set long term, inter immediate and short term goals aligned with the purpose and all those goals collectively fulfils the purpose of a persons life which gives them the real meaning and fulfilment.

 Mr.Yasir is also an author of an Indian history book titled "A Brief History of Ancient and Medieval India" and has also worked on a Philosophy Book titled "Be Wise In A Week".