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Yasir Hashmi is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and business leader, currently serving as the Founder and CEO of The Hashmi Group, Managing Partner at Hashmi Ventures, Chairman at Startuppz, and Chief Strategy Officer at IGI Consultancy which is based in New York City, USA and also serves as an advisor to several boards globally.

Mr. Hashmi founded The Hashmi Group at the young age of 15 while still in school, and officially launched the business in late 2019. Despite having no prior business experience or external investments, he has grown the company into an 8-figure business with an extensive global reach in just three years. The Hashmi Group is recognized as one of the fastest growing Investor Marketing Organizations in North America.

Mr. Hashmi is a strong believer in the power of entrepreneurs to solve problems and improve the world. His life's purpose is to assist entrepreneurs in achieving their goals and reaching their full potential. He believes that everyone has a unique purpose in life that gives them true meaning and fulfillment, and that by being clear on this purpose and setting goals that align with it, individuals can achieve true fulfillment. In addition to his business pursuits, Mr. Hashmi is also an accomplished author, having written a book on Indian history titled "A Brief History of Ancient and Medieval India" and worked on a Philosophy Book titled "Be Wise In A Week". To learn more about Mr. Hashmi and his work, please visit

        Mohammad Yasir Hashmi
                 (Founder & CEO)


Ross Youngs
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Ross Youngs, CEO, Univenture Inc

Ross was awarded as the American Businessperson of the Year in 1998. Univenture Inc. was also first five inclusions in the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America for 5 years continuously. His company has generated more than $435+ Million in revenue in the past 34 years. Ross is also in the Hall of Fame of Inc. Magazine.

George A King

George A King

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George A King, Chairman, Infrastructure Group Inc.

George was the founding board member of a public company that did a $6 billion Goldman Sachs IPO. His capital markets experience includes 325+ capital closings of $20+ billion and advisory closings of $8+ billion. He served as vice chair, president & chief financial officer roles from co-founder to IPO to eventual sale after attaining $144M and $65M in annual recurring revenue.

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Eric Newman

Treasury Manager, City of Stamford, Connecticut

Eric serves as a Trustee on the Classified Employees Retirement Fund Board, Other Post-Employment Benefit (OPEB) Board, Defined Contribution Retirement Plan Board and is a member of the City’s Investment Advisory Committee,  Eric serves as a Trustee on the Town of Fairfield Employee Retirement Board and Joint Retirement Investment Board. 

Larry Mercado
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Larry Mercado
Chairman of Investment Committee, Coastal
Community Foundation $400M+ AUM

Larry is the founder and CEO of DEI Fund and Bold Biologix, LLC. He also chairs the Investment Committee of Coastal Community Foundation managing over $400M in assets. The South Carolina Hispanic Chamber of Commerce recognized Larry as their Businessman of the Year and in 2013 & Governor Nikki Haley appointed him an Ambassador for Economic Development in South Carolina.

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