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Endorsements from our clients, partners, business associates, investors, advisors

Marco Marini

I've had the pleasure of working with The Hashmi Group over the past few years and am very happy to recommend them to anyone looking to raise money. The Hashmi Group has a very extensive network and goes beyond the initial introduction to ensure traction is obtained with connections. They are an out-of-the-box thinker and stays in touch throughout the process.


George A King, Chairman, Infrastructure Group Inc.
'George was a co-founder of a telecom company in a $6 Billion Goldman Sachs IPO'

We have been working with The Hashmi Group on the expansion of our global investor network into South Asia, specifically India and Singapore. Yasir is one the most well informed persons we have met in the India and South Asia region; and he also is very strategic in his understanding of American and European business, culture and government policy. We would highly recommend Yasir as both a strategic advisor and tactical execution partner for other organizations.

Jason Patel

The Hashmi Group is a great connector and relentless networker. If you're an early-stage startup, consider working with The Hashmi Group for your fundraising needs. They are straightforward and productive. In a few short weeks, they helped us raise $300K.

Bill Coyne

Bill Coyne,Former President, Coyne Consulting Services Inc.
'Bill participated as a key member of the executive team that launched a $1B software driven company IPO.'

Every once in a great while, I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet what I can only call a human dynamo. Someone whose knowledge about how to grow a business is prodigious and whose energy in transforming a company is infectious. Yasir is one of those rare individuals whose talent in the area of management consulting, sales, marketing and wealth creation can help turbocharge any large enterprise’s results.

Ross Youngs

Ross Youngs, CEO, Univenture Inc.

'Ross was awarded as American Businessperson of the Year in 1998. Univenture Inc. was also first of five inclusions in the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies.His company has generated more than $430 Million+ in revenue in the past 32 years.'

I continue to have the pleasure of working with Yasir Hashmi, who has repeatedly shown his knowledge and skills in connecting people and projects for maximizing opportunities. Yasir is a quick study and thinker who solves problems effortlessly and without hesitation. Yasir is so aware of market situations that many times I need to work hard to keep up with his ability to feed information and guidance at a nearly an unimaginable pace. I highly recommend connecting and finding project opportunities with Yasir Hashmi.

David Lanre Messan

We have had the opportunity to work with Hashmi Group and we can testify that their services are top notch.I have known Yasir for a few months now and can boldly say his drive for what he does is powerful and really full of fire. He is a dedicated professional and entrepreneur pushing projects across nations and really has the tenacity to do great stuffs. He is a global leader with key abilities to transform any idea to a workable business. I therefore recommend him.


I have known The Hashmi Group and Yasir for a couple of years. He is always welcoming to participate in several projects that would positively impact lots of people and make a positive impact on those who need humanitarian assistance. The word “no” is not in his vocabulary, he believes in what he is doing and persistent to make it a successful project. I am always keen to know the latest projects he is working on to assist him in expanding business networks , I do this because I trust him and I wish him all the best 


Yasir is a professional that has proved to be a knowledgeable entrepreneur with a complete grasp of business policies and procedures. He can actively assist in the design of the solutions and provide valuable feedback. His efforts to increase efficiency resulted from enhanced controls, oversight, and information intelligence is commendable. Yasir’s personality is inviting and warm. The combination of his business acumen and his personality makes him invaluable to any organization.


Phil Rizzo, Founder and CEO, Rizzo's Protective Group
'Executive Producer of the Global Podcast: "Light 'Em Up" on every major platform. '

 My direct experience with The Hashmi Group is the knowledge that they help businesses to raise capital from their global network of strategic investors and aid them in achieving an exponential growth through their strategy and marketing consulting services. I highly recommend Yasir and his global organization as the best way to advance is certainly by putting others first. He is held in the highest esteem and is a trusted and respected friend.

Rex Fong

Yasir is a connector and highly driven professional in the field of corporate advisory and capital connect. He has a global strategic mindset in building and scaling businesses.

Sandy Padala

Sandya Padala, CEO, Rex Academy
'Rex academy is coding academy'

The Hashmi Group is globally well connected. Yasir is a great connector and friendly to work with. He has made some real meaningful connections for us.

Paige Giant

Paige Giant,Director of Operations, IGI Consultancy Inc.
'Paige is the director of operations at IGI Consultancy Inc. in USA'

Although I’ve only been working with Yasir for a short period of time, he shows a great passion for helping others be successful. He’s a very creative and driven individual and will always put 150% into any work he puts out. I would highly recommendinviting Yasir to bring new perspectives to your company.

Lucas Mosca

Lucas Mosca, Managing Director, Watermark Finance.
'Watermark finance have $500 million assets under management'

Yasir is an outstanding partner to work with. He is always keeping us in mind as we are for The Hashmi Group. We willcontinue our success with them helping us expand ourmarketing from North America to all over the world. Thank you for your support.

Michelle LaPenna

Michelle Lapenna, Managing Director, Inlet Financial Inc.
'Michelle is from the financial industry in USA'

Yasir is an accomplished professional with an intuitive and disciplined understanding of business and marketing. I have worked with Yasir in the past and look forward to working with him in the future. He always brings a unique and valued perspective to the table. I recommend working with Yasir in any capacity and believe it will bring mutually beneficial success.

Aparna Mulberry

I've worked with The Hashimi Group on several project in the software and digital services field. They have a wide network of growing businesses and efficiently manage the communication between all parties involved. Whether you need funding, digital services or business consulting, The Hashimi Group will be able to get it done.

Ghana Hani

Ghana Hani, CEO, Golden Standard Services
'Golden Standard Services is now among one of the fastest growing startups in Australia'

I have worked with Mr Yasir Hashmi for a year, and he was an inspiration to me, he is very knowledgeable, determined and highly driven professional, and now with his help I am growing my first company! He beleives in developing new leaders & entrepreneurs! Thank you so much! I recommend any relevant businessperson to have an experience of doing business with Mr.Yasir and The Hashmi Group and i'm sure it will be worth it!


Victoria Mahran, Venture Partner, Expertdojo Ventures
'Expertdojo has invested in more than 150 companies since 2018'

Yasir has been a great partner for us in the past two years.

Chad Hummel

Chad Hummell, Head of Business Development, Biosortia Inc.
'Chad have decades of experience in the microbiome space'

Yasir and The Hashmi Group has been instrumental in identifying and contacting potential international investor networks that might be interested in the microbiome and Biosortia Inc.

Don Sevcik

I’ve known the Hashmi Group for over a year. In that time, I’ve developed new relationships that would have never worked without the help of The Hashmi Group. If you’re looking to meet the right people, then you should have the Hashmi Group in your contact list."

James Sanford

James Sanford, Retired Chief Petty Officer, US Navy
'James has experience of more than 24 years in the US Navy'

 An eminently insightful leader. Yasir has studied and learned great ways to identify and to help tap potential in the people around him. As a business associate, Yasir has helped me, and others to look for and identify the passions and potential within ourselves. I always look forward to what Yasir will inspire us with next.

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