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在 THF,我們提供公正、專業的財務和 戰略 為初創公司和中型公司、SPAC、私募股權、家族辦公室、風險投資、天使投資人和企業家提供建議。我們為客戶設計和執行戰略和融資解決方案,並作為值得信賴的合作夥伴,對他們面臨的挑戰採取長期和獨立的觀點。

我們對金融市場的深刻理解, 我們提供諮詢的交易量,以及我們在超過 15 個國家/地區的行業和融資專家網絡,為客戶提供實現其戰略目標的全面視角。


我們通過我們的全球足跡擁有非凡的洞察力 和深度的股票市場經驗。來自我們的網絡的全球部門情報加強了這一點 銀行家、我們與簿記管理人的關係以及我們對投資者俱有獨立觀點的投資者諮詢團隊。我們與我們的併購和債務顧問在市場交易、需要融資的交易以及雙軌交易方面密切合作。  






  • 首次公開招股

  • 普通股和優先股

  • 可轉換票據

  • 安全注意事項


  • 為企業和家族企業就從長期投資者籌集資金(主要是未上市的少數股權和多數股權交易)提供建議 


  • 支持激進主義挑戰

  • 確定目標投資者

  • 接觸投資者並宣傳股權故事

  • 認知研究,以了解投資者的一致性和支持

  • 優化股權故事消息傳遞

Why us?

Time Saving


Research shows that 60% of the

time which startup founders spent

is on fundraising. The Hashmi

Group helps the founders to save

their time by having their specialised

team to work on fundraising; thus

saving the valuable time of

founders so that they can spend

more time on business growth.




Research also shows that more

than half of the startup founders

are not specialised or good in

fundraising from the investors.

The Hashmi Group’s specialised

team has been working for a

long time in this industry and

know’s how to get it done as

soon as possible.


30000 Investor Accesss


Research also shows that 90% startups fail in their first two years of business because they are unable to talk to enough number of investors

who can invest into their business. Even if a founder is meeting 5 investors a day then also its just 1565 investors in a year which is not possible to reach out to. The Hashmi Group has a trusted strategic network of 30000+ Angel Groups, Venture Capitalist, Private Equity Firms, Startup

Incubators, Accelerators and Wealth

management Firm which gives them leverage to approach thousands of investors in less than a day.


Entering New Markets


Startup founders don't know how to enter a new market. The Hashmi Group through their global networks helps founders to enter a new market. The Hashmi Group through their global networks helps founders to enter any market in the world which they are looking to enter in.


Strategic Partnership


Most founders are unable to

found a strategic investor for

their startup. The Hashmi

Group's main focus is only on

strategic investors because we

believe that networking is the

most important unwritten rule in

business and life success.


Exporatable Database for Future Use


The Hashmi Group also provides you access to exclusive sales database of 100K+ SMEs & 24K+ Investors database in Excel format with contact information including emails & phone number for your future use as well. You will also get a cold email marketing manual for your future rounds. The databse market value is between $10k-100k.


Exponential Growth Course


The Hashmi Group will also provide

you with our world class high

quality mini course on growing

your business exponentially. The

course worth $50k.


1 Hour Business Consulting by our


The Hashmi Group will also provide you with 1 hour of business consultation by our esteemed CEO Yasir Hashmi who has built a multi million dollar business in 2 years. Mr.Yasir's hourly consultation charge is $6000/hour.


Fundraising Manual, Cold Sales & Investor Emailing Manuals & Templates


The Hashmi Group will furnish you with comprehensive resources, including a Fundraising Manual, Cold Sales and Investor Emailing Manuals, and Templates. These materials will enable you to effectively engage with the investor leads generated by The Hashmi Group and boost sales. Additionally, these resources will serve as valuable tools for your future fundraising efforts and overall business growth.

Obtaining optimal results for clients is our top priority. Our Transaction specialists possess a vast amount of experience in negotiating the best terms for clients and successfully completing even the most challenging deals. We utilize our independent position and in-depth market knowledge to advise our clients on all possible options, market performance, timing, business structure, and corporate governance matters at the earliest stage. We then provide guidance throughout the equity process and generate competition among bookrunning banks to acquire the best terms of execution.

Our Investor Advisory specialists aid our clients in creating and executing a comprehensive and actionable investor relations plan, which helps our clients effectively compete for capital and increase management's return on time and investment.

We provide assistance to clients across the full spectrum of equity capital markets, including Capital Advisory, M&A, Common and Preferred Stock Raises, Convertible Notes Raises, SAFE Notes Raises, and Bridge Loans.

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