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Our Vision

We are convinced that entrepreneurs can find solutions to all the world's problems. Our objective is to support small to medium-sized businesses to reach the next level by providing them with premium quality consulting services. We strive to help them achieve exponential growth. We are a mission-driven organization, where every decision is in line with our mission and short, intermediate, and long-term goals that contribute to the accomplishment of our purpose. In the era of information, it can be challenging to make decisions, that's why it's crucial to have a clear understanding of your mission and have organized knowledge to assist in fulfilling it. We closely monitor and measure everything within our organization and our client's business, which aids in making better predictions and understanding cause and effect. We value data as it never deceives and gives organizations the confidence to predict their future. Our emphasis is on building long-term relationships and partnerships, which leads to creating momentum and producing significant results for both us and our clients.


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Yasir Hashmi

Chief Executive Officer

Yasir Hashmi, a highly accomplished entrepreneur and business leader, currently assumes the roles of Founder and CEO at The Hashmi Group, Owner at Hashmi Apartments, Host of The Yasir Hashmi Show, Managing Partner at Hashmi Ventures, and Chief Strategy Officer at IGI Consultancy, headquartered in New York City, USA. 


Embarking on his entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 15 while still pursuing his education, Mr. Hashmi officially launched The Hashmi Group in late 2019, demonstrating remarkable prowess by transforming it into an 8-figure enterprise within its first year of operation. Notably, within three years, he adeptly cultivated another 8-figure real estate business in just one year. In March 2023, he introduced his podcast, The Yasir Hashmi Show, achieving distinction as the #29th Best Indian Investment Podcast.


Mr. Hashmi fervently believes in the transformative potential of entrepreneurs to address global challenges and enhance our world. His life's mission centers on guiding entrepreneurs towards their goals and unlocking their full potential. He emphasizes that every individual possesses a unique life purpose that imparts genuine significance and fulfillment, emphasizing the importance of aligning one's objectives with this purpose to attain authentic fulfillment.


Beyond his dynamic business pursuits, Mr. Hashmi is a published author, with notable works to his name. His book "Lessons from A Millionaire" on entrepreneurship is globally recognized as one of the top publications in the field. Additionally, he has authored "A Brief History of Ancient and Medieval India," offering comprehensive historical insights.


For more information about Mr. Hashmi and his body of work, kindly visit


Ian Fulton Roberts

Managing Partner, NIU Invest

Ian Fulton Roberts is the Managing Partner at Alpha Deal Group LTD and also serves as the Chief Investment Officer at NIU-Invest, PE Firm based in Europe.


George A. King

George was the founding board member of a public company that did a $6 billion Goldman Sachs IPO. His capital markets experience includes 325+ capital closings of $20+ billion and advisory closings of $8+ billion. He served as vice chair, president & chief financial officer roles from co-founder to IPO to eventual sale after attaining $144M and $65M in annual recurring revenue.

Ross Youngs.jpg.webp

Ross Youngs

CEO, Univenture Inc

Ross was awarded as the American Businessperson of the Year in 1998 by US President. Univenture Inc. was also first five inclusions in the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America for 5 years continuously. His company has generated more than $435+ Million in revenue in the past 34 years. Ross is also in the Hall of Fame of Inc. Magazine.

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Eric Newman

Treasury Manager, City of Stamford, Connecticut

Eric serves as a Trustee on the Classified Employees Retirement Fund Board, Other Post-Employment Benefit (OPEB) Board, Defined Contribution Retirement Plan Board and is a member of the City’s Investment Advisory Committee,  Eric serves as a Trustee on the Town of Fairfield Employee Retirement Board and Joint Retirement Investment Board. ​

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