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Startup Marketing

The Hashmi Group provides clients and entrepreneurs with a targeted approach to Investor Marketing. We maintain long-term relationships with Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, and High Net Worth investors, and we understand the individual goals of each and help to establish meaningful connections. Our investor-centric model allows us to use our extensive global network of individual and institutional investors, including Angel Investors & Networks, Venture Capital, Family Offices, Strategic Investors, Fund-of-Funds, Endowments, and Foundations, to understand their portfolios and investment mandates. Thanks to our success in delivering results, our clients continue to rely on us to effectively distribute their story and maximize their visibility in the investor marketplace.


Our process is designed to help entrepreneurs increase their effectiveness in investor marketing so they can focus on managing and growing their business. We work closely with you to learn more about your strategy, business objectives, and fundraising goals. Whether you're looking to launch a new funding round or diversify your existing investor base, we have the expertise to help you refine your message and enhance your overall business development efforts

Obtaining optimal results for clients is our top priority. Our Transaction specialists possess a vast amount of experience in negotiating the best terms for clients and successfully completing even the most challenging deals. We utilize our independent position and in-depth market knowledge to advise our clients on all possible options, market performance, timing, business structure, and corporate governance matters at the earliest stage. We then provide guidance throughout the equity process and generate competition among bookrunning banks to acquire the best terms of execution.

Our Investor Advisory specialists aid our clients in creating and executing a comprehensive and actionable investor relations plan, which helps our clients effectively compete for capital and increase management's return on time and investment.

We provide assistance to clients across the full spectrum of equity capital markets, including Capital Advisory, M&A, Common and Preferred Stock Raises, Convertible Notes Raises, SAFE Notes Raises, and Bridge Loans.

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