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At The Hashmi Group, we assist entrepreneurs in elevating their brand visibility among the global investment community in order to attain fundraising objectives. We provide our clients and entrepreneurs with a targeted approach to Investor Marketing. With established relationships with Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, and High Net Worth investors, we comprehend the specific goals of each and aid in raising startup awareness among the global investment community. Through a focus on investors, we utilize our extensive worldwide network of individual and institutional investors, including angel investors and networks, venture capital, family offices, strategic investors, fund-of-funds, endowments, and foundations, to understand their portfolio and investment mandates. By consistently delivering results, our clients continue to rely on us to disseminate their story effectively and maximize their exposure in the investment marketplace. We are a 100% remote and 100% software-driven investor marketing organization, making us highly efficient and easy to work with from any location around the world.










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Marco Marini

I've had the pleasure of working with Yasir and The Hashmi Group over the past few years and am very happy to recommend them to anyone looking to raise money. Yasir has a very extensive network and goes beyond the initial introduction to ensure traction is obtained with connections. He is an out-of-the-box thinker and stays in touch throughout the process.

What people say about us? 

George A King

George A King, Chairman, Infrastructure Group Inc.
'George was a co-founder of a telecom company in a $6 Billion Goldman Sachs IPO'

We have been working with The Hashmi Group on the expansion of our global investor network into South Asia, specifically India and Singapore. Yasir is one the most well informed persons we have met in the India and South Asia region; and he also is very strategic in his understanding of American and European business, culture and government policy. We would highly recommend Yasir as both a strategic advisor and tactical execution partner for other organizations.

Jason Patel

The Hashmi Group and Yasir is a great connector and relentless networker. If you're an early-stage startup, consider working with Yasir and The Hashmi Group for your fundraising needs. He's straightforward and productive. In a few short weeks, he's helped us raise $300K.

Entrepreneurship Advice from Yasir Hashmi

(Yasir built an 8 figure business in the first 12 months of his business journey when he was 18)